Tuesday, November 1, 2016

  Doing what one thinks is right, is not always the right thing to do. Feel good politics without looking at the long term problems is pure stupidity. When a country lets in a hoard of mostly young men that is an invasion, not feel good immigration policy. 
  Germany is going through this lawlessness because of the stupidity of Merkel. If the situation is not handled properly and all these young men sent back to their countries. Germany will ultimately suffer complete defeat. Policies are already being changed to accommodate this relatively small minority. I believe because Germans know if they don't accommodate them, these Western hating people will incite even more violence.
  Looks like the unification of Germany will be its undoing as it let a politician from the failed East, take control.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Did Hillary reveal a secret about nuclear launch times?

  We have many people saying what she said was common knowledge.   Snopes claims she didn’t, because it is common knowledge as well.  Snopes points to an article that is taken from an incident that happened when Carter was President.  The claim was that at the time a President had about 4 minutes to decide what to do.  Snopes then says there is other articles available on the Internet that give a time frame of 4 to 12 minutes to make a Decision.

  Yet Clinton didn’t say a President has 4 minutes to decide.  She stated that once an order is given, the launch happens at about 4 minutes later.  These are two completely different things here.  What Clinton gave away was that once the order is given is that in 4 minutes the entire process of actually launching the missiles takes place. 

  Snopes also points out a report by UnitedNations Institute for Disarmament Research from 2012 that supposedly is also proof that she did not give out classified information.  This report gives the estimated time from the order to launch.  However the report gives a time of “within five minutes”. 

  So Hillary has shaved off an entire minute that our potential adversaries possibly did not know about.  Of course I am sure at least the Russians and Chinese have a good idea, but still Hillary gave them a certainty.